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This Paperback book will teach you the ins and outs of BitCoin. 

It will introduce you to the concept, explain step by step how to get set up, and go in depth into the different services and issues that come with buying and selling BitCoin! 

This book covers the following topics: Introduction BitCoin Basics Sending Payments Creation of BitCoins Using BitCoin Myths Downloading a Wallet Securing Your Wallet BitCoin Clients & Software Mining BitCoin Exchanges Where to Use BitCoins

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5 Stars Costumer Reviews:

By Dan - Pretty solid buy
Since Bitcoin is so new and all I didn't know much about it. With the few ebooks out there, I decided I'd give this one a shot. I'm glad I did. This book covered all of the basics of Bitcoin and I feel pretty confident about what's going on. Very good source of info.

By sv1088 - Bitcoin made much easier
If you are having trouble getting into trading bitcoin or just don't yet get the concept this book definitely helps out. I had tried to sign up and go through the process of learning online but purchasing the book made it much easier. The explanations were clear and to the point and made for a pleasant read. Definitely recommend for all the new bitcoin fans!